Pikachu Costume

I hope he doesn’t have to use the restroom.  It might take a while to get that off.  I wonder if it has a flap in the back for that occasion?

Thanks to morbuto for contributing.

One thought on “Pikachu Costume

  1. I say you go as a flasher!All you need is a brobathe. some flesh colored underwear and a pair of pantie hoes stuffed to be really long you get what I mean!Take the Pantie hoes and stuff them to make them look like a really long Penis.. take the newly stuffed unit and sew them to the Flesh colored underwear place the underwear on then roll your new extreemly long penis up. Put on the robe and ..Any time some one new walks in to your party you flash them letting your unit unroll at them!In the 70 s and 80 s my really young parents used to hold huge Halloween parties and I remember walking out of my bedroom one time when my dad (dressed as a flasher) flashed a friend! lol It was a great costume even then .

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