Katy Perry Costume


Thanks to Gina for sharing and explaining her costume:

“This is by far the best Halloween costume I have ever made/worn! I was so thrilled with how it turned out and I loved making it too. It was huge hit!

“I bought the pink tutu at Walmart and the pink boodess I owned already. I went to the dollar store and bought the colored Pom poms and hearts, iron ons and felt feet and hands at the dollar general store, all for a buck each and got the peppermint there as well.

“The feathers on the bodes were from garden ridge, they were in the Christmas ornament section. I chose pink because it was my favorite color…..

“The belt was netting I cut in 2 foot long stripes and 2 in wide, I had all colors. I’d say that took the longest. The rest of the outfit was just using the hot glue gun……got busy and glued it all.

“I added some colored ribbon on my shoulders that I cut as well.

“I wore white stockers and pink high heels and a happy birthday headband I found at the party store for a buck!

“Bought a Loll pop at a candy store and wig at the party store. I’d say the wig was the most expensive, and it was 16.99.”


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