Alan from The Hangover Movie Halloween Costume



He gets my vote for the Best Halloween Costume for 2009.

6 thoughts on “Alan from The Hangover Movie Halloween Costume

    • i’m going tick or treating too !! even tohugh most of the people in my class are like ugh why you going trick or treating ?? we’re going up the town to drink alcoholll, mahhh i HATE people like that , there all into drink and drugs, but me i’m into juice boxes and sucking my thumb. It’s nice to know theres someone out there the same age as me that’s into the same kinda stuff i’m into and the hippie thing sounds cool thanks <3

    • Sitting on our porch handing out king size snekicrs! Love to see the kids expressions when they get these. We have scary tombstones, fog, the reeper who falls out when you pass him, Come to the door if you dare! Im sure the word gets around fast with a treat like ours

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